Sunday, May 12, 2013

Levi's Birth Story

Well here is Levi's Birth Story for anyone who wants to read it.

Levi Michael Cook’s Birth Story
Levi’s Due Date was April 20th 2013. Well I went to my last doctor’s appointment and he wanted to induce me on April 18th. I had been so uncomfortable that I agreed with him. The night before the induction they called me and told me that they couldn’t set a time until the next day because they had someone coming in for a C-section and they wanted to make sure that they had enough nurses for me to come in. I was really nervous because your pregnancy was so different then from your sister Haylee’s. The next morning they called and told me to come in at 9:30 for the induction. I was super excited and really nervous, but mostly so happy to be able to know that I was finally going to be able to meet you that day. We called your Grandma Cook to come stay with Haylee and off to the hospital we went. We got there and got an amazing nurse who knew what she was doing and she was super nice. She started an IV in my arm, strapped me up to all the monitors and started the antibiotic that I needed and the Pitocin to kick me into labor. I had decided that I didn’t want my epidural for a while because I wanted to be able to know what real contractions felt like. The nurse checked me and said that I was dilated to a 3. So Dad and Grandma Balls and I relaxed a little bit. Then the contractions started kicking in and they hurt pretty bad, but I wanted to wait a little longer. At around noon the nurse came in and said that she called the doctor and asked him to come in and break my water. Well at around 1 pm I decided to get my epidural before he came and broke my water. So they came in and placed my epidural which hurt more than it did when I got one for your sister Haylee. After that was placed the doctor showed up and checked my progress and said that I was dilated to a 4 and then he broke my water.  At around 2 Dad and Grandma Balls decided to go get some lunch and I decided that I would try and take a nap. I slept for about an hour and Dad and Grandma got back and then the nurse came in to check my progress again at about 3. She told me that I was dilated to a 9. Which completely shocked me, I thought that it was going to take a really long time to be dilated enough to push and it had only been 5 hours. The nurse called the doctor at around 3:30 and I started to push at 3:40. It was defiantly the hardest part of the whole labor. I was pushing really hard and having hard time breathing so they put oxygen on me and the doctor said that you were coming down the birth canal with your head tilted and we were having trouble getting you out. He finally said that if I didn’t push as hard as I could on the next to pushes then they would have to use forceps. Well I was not going to let him use those because I didn’t want your head all bruised up. So I pushed as hard as I could and you were born at 4 pm. You were so beautiful, you had a lot of hair and you were crying so well. I was so emotional and almost cried because I was so happy that you were finally here and that I got to meet you. They weighed you and you weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces and you were 19.5 inches long. While they were cleaning you up I started to bleed really bad and the nurses had to give me 4 shots and a few bags of medicine through my IV to get the bleeding stopped. I just remember getting really dizzy and thinking that I hope you were ok. Finally when they got the bleeding stopped they let me hold you and you were so beautiful. You just looked me in the eyes and were not crying at all. Then they took you to the nursery with your day. Levi I am so grateful that you are my baby and I love you so much. 

The New Arival

Pleased to Announce the Arrival of Levi Michael Cook.
Born on April 18th at 4 pm.
Weigh 7 pounds 12 ounces and is 19.5 inches long.
We are so glad he is finally here.