Friday, September 11, 2009

Visiting Big Bro

So my mother and I went on a little trip to Arizona to visiting my Brother and Sister in Law and Evelyn my new niece.

On our way we had been driving for about 5 hours and we had just entered Arizona and this is what we saw

We felt like we were driving into the Apocalypse . It was kind of scary. My mom asked me if we should stop because we thought that it was a fire. I told her that there wasn't anyone stopping traffic so just keep going. We were a little nervous to see what we were getting ourselves into. Luckily it was just a really bad wind storm.

here are some pictures from the trip. I didn't take very many but here they are.

This is my newest niece Evelyn. She is the first to be born on my side of the family.

The proud Grandma hold Eve. She is very excited to be a grandma.

This is my brother Tony. The whole trip was so relaxing as you can see in the picture. We visited, took care of Eve and just had a lot of fun. I am so glad we were able to visit. Thanks Tony and Rachel for letting us come down and see you guys. Love you.