Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mollie and Sierra

So Mike and I have always wanted animals but our landlord would not allow them. So because of the move we can have as many as we want. First Mike's parents are moving and they had us take their dog mollie until they can move back to Utah. I am already in love with her and would keep her forever if I could. Then for my Birthday I wanted a kitten. Well a long story short we found an abandoned one and took her in. She is so sweet and cuddly. I could not have asked for a better cat. We are so happy with the two and they get along together to. Which is a plus. Our family is now complete for the moment.

This is Sierra. She is a beautiful Kitten. We love her.

This is Mollie. Such a Good Dog. Could keep her forever.

Our Oregon Vaca

These are a few pictures that were taken at the beach in Oregon. Mike's Grandpa had an 80th Birthday party so we went and stayed in Eugene after the party. It was really fun and nice to be able to see my nephews and niece. I miss you Lynn and Kathie we had a wonderful time.

This was on the way up. We were all driving to Oregon and all the sudden we heard a pop. Come to find out the sun roof had shattered out. This is how Dave and Mike fixed the problem. We spent 3 hours and home depot for this good thing it held up.