Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haylee and Dexter.
    So the last month has been busy with a lot going on. Haylee is more active then ever. She loves to be outside and because the weather was so warm a few days ago we went swimming in our backyard. I love her new swimming suit and she love the water.
       We finally got Dexter Neutered. He was in a lot of pain the first day but the thing he hated the most was wearing the stupid cone. It only stayed on for a few minutes and then we were all done with it.
Life is good right now and I am grateful for all that I have.

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks.


After. Poor puppy.

                                                                   Loves her dada

I love her face in this picture. It is my favorite

I love my family and I am so grateful to be a mother to such a busy, happy, wonderful daughter. Who makes me happy everyday.