Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Chickens

Okay so we finally got chickens. Mike has wanted chickens since he was like 5 and ever since we have moved into our house he has been bugging me to get them. I never have really wanted them so I always told him no. Then one day after we had went to lunch together he wanted to take me to Cal Ranch. So we went there and he showed me the baby chicks. They are very cute. I didn't want them because they are messy and stink and didn't want to have to take care of them. Well we were looking at these chicks and what sealed the deal was Mike saying "Just think Brandie if we get 6 of these Chicks we will be saving them from being slaughtered."

So of course I said yes because I am a sucker for animals and he knows I hate animals getting killed. Plus it would be good to have to not get eggs at the store. When We first brought them home I was like Oh they are cute but I felt like I was living on Little House on the Prairie. But I do have to say now that I really do love them. They are starting to look like chickens now but they are still cute and we did name them. I picked 3 names and Mike picked 3 names. Mikes names were: Mrs. Featherbottom, Omelet, and Ginger. My names were: Sunny, Annie, and my favorite, Gizelle.

So here are some pictures of their first time outside. They have to live in the house until they are big enough to be outside and kind-of defend themselves and when it is warmer.