Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yeah, that was like 3 months ago...

I realized today that we have not updated our blog since the Utes won the Sugar Bowl, which is what my last post was about. As much as I like looking at that picture, it's time to move on. Plus, Megan made fun of me for never updating it despite the fact that I'm an SEO Analyst.

The reason this blog is so neglected is that our lives right now are none too interesting to outsiders. Brandie is still working 3 12 hour shifts at IHC as a PCT (fancy term for a CNA). I still work at Orange Soda as an SEO Analyst. I'm still in school. This is my last semester. We still don't have kids and aren't pregnant. Yet.

I did just have a birthday. I got some sweet presents. My favorite from my wife was a Utes football jersey:

which was pretty much the only thing I really asked for. She also read my mind and knew I wanted the newest James bond movie, Quantum of Solace. She was really creative and also got me two Brian Regan stand-up DVDs (Standing Up and The Epitome of Hyperbole). I also got a couple of shirts (by the way, what's with all the different sizes within shirt sizes?? I told her to get me extra large because too big is better than too small but they were both smaller than any large I have in my possession!)

Brandie's family likes to exchanges gifts as well, so I got a gift card to Best Buy from Tony (Brandie's brother) and Rachel. I still haven't decided what to buy with it. Then her sister, Elyse, got me one other thing I asked for:

For those of you who don't live in Utah Valley, you won't get it, so here's the explanation:

I seem to remember shirts that said "for Perfection" underneath. Anybody have one? I'm not sure, but I know that "The Quest for Perfection" was their full slogan this year. (By the way, I'm pretty sure this is the only image left on the internet of this shirt.)

Brandie's parents got me a present that was a combination of a birthday present and a graduation (since they will be gone.) It's a Panasonic DVD player and 5.1 surround system. I hooked it up and it sounds really good. I was going to wait to buy one until we got into a house for the sake of our neighbors. But hey, our neighbors obviously don't care about that so what the heck. At least I set the subwoofer on a cardboard box so the bass won't travel downstairs as easily. Though it is tempting to just crank it up to spite them, I don't really want to give them an excuse to blast their music more.

My parents got me (and Dave, for his birthday) a cool "Official Allstate Sugar Bowl" celebrating Utah's perfect season and Sugar Bowl invitation. The team had a signing a month ago and Dave and I went got our hats signed.

Speaking of Dave, he gave me a couple of unique but awsome gifts. I will take some pictures soon and post them. I don't want to spoil the surprise. Words just won't cut it, so keep your eyes peeled.